Last activity in Wikimedia

A fast update of thing happening to me in the Wikimedia Movement in the last weeks:

  • We asked for a WM Rapid Grant for a new project we have conceptualized at LaOficina: SMALL GLAM SLAM Pilot 1, to low entry barriers of software and practices adoption for very small GLAM organizations.
  • Also, I have been granted an scholarship to attend the Wikimedia Hackathon 2024 event next May in Tallinn.
  • And, as part of my travel connection, I plan to attend the more informal GLAM + Commons + AI sauna in Helsinki. So, another Wikimedia GLAM overdose after the excellent Montevideo’s GLAM Wiki 2023 meeting.

I’ve draft the main tasks for the hackathon. They are very big in scope but they would be adjousted with the results of the Pilot 1. Here they are:

Lot’s of fun to come!

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